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 High performance 

​What is Develop Africa?

Develop Africa is the supplier of Uni-Board, Eco-Wool and other construction related products. We look for new innovative building technologies from around the world and import them for use in the Sub-Saharan African market.

What is our aim?

High Performance - To maintain our emphasis on quality and exceptional physical benefits in our range of products 

Sustainability - We look for products that are Environmentally friendly and contain no toxic chemicals. Offering new cost effective long term building solutions


Value driven - To ensure every decision we make is guided by the construction markets need for quality, time, cost-saving, eco-friendly products and solutions 

Customer focused - We listen to our clients and meet their needs with the most relevant, flexible and streamlined solutions 

Develop Africa 

Develop Africa is a South African owned business, that aims to deliver new innovative  building materials from around the world. 

Our aim is to build a better future for fellow Africans, by supplying high quality and cost efficient materials with superior product characteristics which will appeal aesthetically to customers and stand the test of time. 

South Africa's Leader

in Eco -friendly Fire resistant Boards


Develop Africa is focused on finding new innovative technologies from around the world and bringing them to South Africa. At the moment we specialize in MgO boards Specifically MgS04 boards, but can also provide additional types of MgO boards. 

Import Uni-Board 

Develop Africa is the importer of Uni-Board MgO boards to Sub-Saharan Africa, With our main bulk storage in Cape Town, but we have an additional storage facility in Johannesburg. Our containers arrive via CPT, PE and Durban depending on the intended destination.


Over many years we have streamlined our freighting and local transport, working together with partners that have the correct machinery and equipment to deal with the heavy pallets.  we can accommodate your needs, if you would like to arrange your own transport.

Sales team

Primarily a family run operation we have independent sales teams set up around the country. If you would like to work together with us, please do not hesitate to contact us

Technical support

Uni-Board's international team, has experts which can offer support and assistance for your specific needs, Please feel free to send us any questions or concerns you may have. What we cannot handle locally we pass onto our experts around the world. 


We have a list of installers we can introduce you to, but we are more than happy to work together with your installer and provide all the information required

our address

4 Julian Walk, Silwersteen Estate 

Tokai (off steenberg road)


For easy contact
For easy contact, please fill out the information below and leave us your questions. We will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

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Contact us

Cape town office


Phone: +27 (0)21 713 17 19

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