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Uni-board calcium silicate planks are used for exterior walls of a building, to protect the walls from the effects of weather for long time periods and is a key feature in the aesthetics of the structure. 


  • Reliable

  • Durable

  • Resistant to high temperatures

  • Water, salt and sand resistant

  • Impact resistance

  • Low moisture absorption

​Technical Data: 

Application: Interior - exterior walls

Thickness: 7.5 mm 

Size: 210 x 3660 mm 

Edge Cut: Square Edge (SE)

Color: Grey 

Finish: Plain or wooden 

Note Additional sizes and thicknesses are available upon request 

Additional info: 

It is recommended when using Uni-Board calcium Silicate planks to them either before or after installation with a double coat of a desired acrylic colored paint.



  • Fungus/mold/mildew resistant

  • Bacteria and insect resistant

  • Resistant to many chemicals

  • Non combustible

  • No asbestos

  • Non-toxic/radioactive

Calcium Silicate Planks

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