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Environment friendly

Manufactured with more than 80% recycled glass and low carbon footprint  

What is Eco-Wool Insualtion?

Eco-Wool offers a formaldehyde-free range of glass mineral wool insulation. Intended for fire safety, thermal and acoustic insulation applications. Eco-Wool is manufactured from recycled glass and uses SensiTouch technology in conjunction with a bio-based binder which has no added formaldehyde, phenol or any other artificial chemicals. 


Slab/Batt form


Blanket form

Brownie Slab Advantages

  • Fire resistant (class A1) building material 

  • Improves air quality - Formaldehyde free and unlikely to cause allergic reactions. Low VOCs (ASTM D 5116)

  • Optimal fibre diameter/network - 4-5 microns producing more air chambers to improve performance whilst creating better tensile strength to provide superior durability and flexibility 

  • Less dusty and less itchy - East to work with, engineered for comfortable installation

  • Non Corrosive - Will not cause accelerated corrosion of steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminium (ASTM C665-12)

  • Excellent Thermal qualities - Keeping rooms warm in winter and cool in summer 

  • Mould resistant - does not encourage growth of mould, fungus, bacteria or rodents (ASTM C1338-08)

  • Low water absorption - Absorbs less that 5% by weight (ASTM C1104) 

  • No smell - Does not emit any odor (ASTM C1304)


Eco-Wool Products


Specifically designed for press fit installation without the need for staplin or fastening. To be fitted between timber or steel studs in a wall cavity and/or ceiling systems. Eco-Wool Slab insulation, resists vibrations or shakedown and fit readiliy around uneven surfaces. Great for thermal, fire safety and Sound insulation. 


Eco-Wool insulation blanket acts as a natural effective barrier for sound and heat flow. The insulation is available in plain or faced. The faced options include woven glass fabric, white polypropylene vapour barrier film, single sided foil (FKRP) or double sided Foil (FSKF).

Custom Insulation:

We can provide Eco-Wool Insulation in custom sizes/densities for your specific application requirements, furthermore If we are given your required DB/STC requirement, we can calculate the density needed to obtain the specified wall ratings etc. Therefore please contact us with any questions you may have.

Please contact us for more information 

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Phone: +27 (0)21 713 17 19


Peter Hesthaven 


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Benedikte Hesthaven

Common Questions/Answers

Q - Is Eco-Wool a sustainable product?

A - Yes, Eco-wool products are free from CFCs, HCFCs and any other material with ozone depletion potential and is made from +- 80% recycled glass. 

Q - What is the alkalinity of Eco-Wool?

A - Between 6 - 7

Q - Is Eco-Wool fire resistant?

A - Yes, 

B.S. 476: part 4 Non-combustibility

B.S. 476: part 6 fire propagation 

B.S. 476: part 7 surface spread of flame

ASTM E84 - surface burning characteristics

Thermal conductivity - AS/NZS 4859.1:2002/Amdt 1:2006

Q - How does Eco-Wool glass mineral wool compare to Stonewool/rockwool?

A - For a detailed explanation, please click the link below. 

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